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HRCH T&T's Remington's Leap of Faith MH


2018-4-13 Remi_RR_8275.jpg

Remi is a 70 lb. fox red labrador retriever. He has exceptional sight, high endurance and remarkable drive. He has been known to complete 500+yard blinds.

AKC Reg: SR92271905

UKC Reg: R317-409

OFA Hips: Excellent (LR-232370E24M-VPI)
OFA Elbow: Normal (LR-EL82833M24-VPI)

OFA Cardiac Echo: Normal (LR-ACA4095/85M-VPI)

OFA Eyes: Normal

CNM: Clear/Normal
EIC: Clear/Normal
AKC DNA: Clear/Normal
PRA: Clear/Normal
OSD: Clear/Normal
HNPK: Clear/Normal
SD2: Clear/Normal

B Locus- Bb (Black coat, nose and foot pads (carries brown)

D Locus- DD (Non dilute)

E Locus- ee (Yellow/Red)

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