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Training with CMR

Cedar Mountain Retrievers aims to develop owners as well as the dog. Our programs are designed to work best with the intention the owner will handle and continue to develop their dog long after leaving Cedar Mountain Retrievers. We give the dog a solid foundation that will help them achieve being a great field and hunting partner, yet also a dependable family and crew member.



Puppy Headstart / (3-4 week program)

  • Suggested Age - 8 weeks – 12 weeks old


Includes: Crate Training • Potty Training • Introduction to Place Training • Exposure to other dogs, children, car rides, water.


Development Program / (6 week program) 

  • Suggested Age - 16 weeks + / through all puppy vaccinations


Includes: Place Training • Socialization • Confidence Building • Behaving in the house • Behaving in pubic • On lead obedience • Basic Commands: Sit, here, Heal, Down, Place, Kennel • Exposure to Dead Birds, Bumpers, Duck Calls, Ponds


(Minimum 4-6 Months)

Includes: Introduction to Marks, Introduction to Decoys • Introduction to Gun Fire • Advanced Place Training • Off Lead Obedience • Exposure to Launders • Marking Fundamentals • Collar Conditioning • Force Fetch • Hold Conditioning • Whistle Trained • Blind Work Fundamentals • Single Marking Concepts • Double Marking Concepts • Introduction to Live Birds & Dead Birds • Recalling • Gunfire Steadiness • Honoring • Basic T • Double T • Reverse T • Swim By • Introduction to Simple Double Marks •Walkup and Diversions • Pattern Blinds • Decheating


(Approximately 6 months after successful completed of Gun Dog Foundation) 

Includes: Advanced Marking Concepts • Cold Blinds • Technical Retrieve and Blind Work • Advanced Hunting Environments • Hunting and Trial Set-Ups 

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